Killerton House (Laundry) and Gardens Part 2

1 : Introduction to Killerton
2 : Killerton House and Gardens
3 : Killerton House Interior

4 : Killerton Chapel
5 : Broadclyst
6 : Clyston Mill

7 : Broadclyst Church
8 : Marker's Cottage

Views over the surrounding and distant
countryside (left and below)......

     .....and of the estate
         parkland (right and

The thatched outside toilet block (above).

The laundry is situated in the rear of the main building.
Ordinary mangles of various sizes are shown here (above).

Water and room heater (left) and dollies, dolly tubs and other laundry equipment (left and below).

Edited from the National Trust website:

"Mrs Johns (a laundry worker) remembers joining Killerton's laundry at 14 years old in March 1928.

"She lived in Broadclyst, walking to work every day. She was paid 18 shillings a week. As she was the eldest of six, her mother was glad of the extra money.

"The maids did laundry for Killerton and people like Colonel Harris, who lived nearby in Broadclyst.

"They washed family clothes, servants' uniforms, bed linen and household items. Luckily for them the nannies cleaned the babies' nappies.

"Laundry came in on Monday morning and was divided into whites and coloureds, and laundry to be boiled or not. The maids had to be very careful afterwards to sort out what belonged to which family.

"They washed everything in large copper buckets. Mrs Johns remembers climbing into the coppers to wipe out green canker, which would (otherwise) stain the laundry.

"Laundry was dried indoors or outdoors, then pressed and ironed through the week."

A full description of 'The life of a Killerton laundry maid' may be found on the National Trust website here .

Washing Trough (above) and Box Mangle (right)

Drying Racks (above).

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